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Original Finnish saunas, spas saunas, sauna accessories, heaters, sauna products for sale, Finnish saunas, sauna accessories for sale, accessories for spas, saunas for private homes for sale, home saunas for sale, outdoor saunas, infrared saunas for spa, infrared saunas for sale, custom Finnish sauna for sale, wood stoves for sale, electric heaters for sale, vibrosauna for sale, slimming and electromedical equipment, accessories for spas, slimming centers wooden accessories

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Distribution of saunas and sauna products, saunas for spas, beauty and slimming centers
Head office and warehouse
Our italian head office and warehouse
Sales office and showroom
Inside our showroom you can see and touch some of the most representative types of sauna for sale
Finland Philosophy proposes the sale of certified and supervised Finnish saunas and sauna accessories
Product availability in stock
Finland Philosophy provides its customers with a fast and prompt delivery of the sauna accessories

Sauna philosophy
Culture of sauna
Sauna culture, born in Finland and still is part of the daily lifestyle of Finnish culture
Spirit of the sauna
In the tradition of the sauna ritual provides that in the sauna there is also the spirit of the sauna, a soapstone in human form
How to use sauna
Use of the sauna: how to use the sauna, the beneficial effects on the body and contraindications
Bio Sauna
Bio-sauna was designed to bring to the sauna, all those who suffer from high temperatures

Customer service
Section dedicated to the request for quote for a custom Finnish sauna
Finland Philosophy Shop proposes the sale of saunas, heaters and accessories guaranteed and controlled
Guide to the Withdrawal for items purchased on the online shop.
Buying Guide
Guide to correctly buy the products in the catalog Finland Philosophy
All purchases on the site FinlandPhilosophy.com are guaranteed and safe, you can pay by bank transfer, credit card and paypal
Sales in Italy
Sale of Finnish saunas, heaters, controllers and accessories for spas, private homes, hotels and spas throughout Italy
Sales Worldwide
Sale of saunas and sauna and turkish bath accessories worldwide

News from the world of saunas and spas

Press review
Articles about new sauna technologies

Home saunas
Finnish saunas for home installing 
Bathroom saunas
Small and easy saunas for installation in the bathroom
Professional saunas
Exclusive and elegant saunas for spas and beauty salons
Special tailor-made saunas
Beautiful personalized sauna
Outdoor saunas
Outdoor saunas, ideal for installation in the garden
Raw materials for saunas
Materials for the construction of a self-made sauna
Sauna interiors
Fittings for the interior of the sauna, available in various types
Sauna accessories
Accessories for the correct practice of the sauna
Infrared cabins
Infrared sauna cabins
Sauna electric heaters
Electric heaters for sauna uses
Control units for heaters
Control panels and units for saunas
Spare-parts for heaters
Spare parts for sauna heaters, heater components
Woodburning stoves
Woodburning sauna stoves in different types
Woodburning accessories
Accessories for sauna woodburning stoves
Steam bath technologies
Steam generators and turkish bath technologies
Vibrosaun - Therapeutic
Slimming and electromedical equipment 
Furniture relax areas
Wooden accessories for spas, slimming centers and relax areas

Custom made saunas ​​for hotels, spas and private homes

Advice and planning
Finland Philosophy provides advice on saunas and sauna design service tailored according to customer needs
Installation and testing
Finland Philosophy technicians offer the possibility of installation and testing of Finnish saunas

The components of Harvia saunas are all made ​​of materials tested and certified, and using highly skilled labor

Sauna benefits
Sauna and wellness
Beneficial effects of sauna on the body
Skin benefit
The constant practice of the sauna improves clearly the quality and beauty of the skin
Sauna against stress
The sauna is very effective in removing nervous tension and stress
Sauna and health
The sauna has beneficial effects on health of the organism
Sauna and benefits to the heart
A new remarkable research shows that going to sauna at least four times a week will reduce the risk of cardiovascular and all-cause mortality even by 60 percent.

The expert answers
Frequently asked questions about the practice of sauna

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