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Control units for heaters

Griffin colour light

mod. CG170I - colour light control ATTENTION: colour light not included (sauna accessories)

Colour light control panel
Control colour light system

cod. CG170T-534
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Griffin colour light

HARVIA colour light digital control > GRIFFIN CG170T
(Finnish technology, quality and production)

HARVIA GRIFFIN is an elegant new-generation digital control unit. With GRIFFIN , you can control the functions of your sauna or infrared cabin easily. Temperature can be set even within one degree. HARVIA GRIFFIN  allows you to control practically anything that can be electronically controlled: operating time, temperature, lighting and fan. Using the timer you can set your sauna to be ready for bathing by the time you come home from work or a jog. GRIFFIN is impressive inside and out. With a chrome-plated digital control panel, the style is in line with other details of modern saunas and bathrooms. Small and flat, the control panel can be installed in virtually any dry place.

Versatile and easy to use.
The HARVIA GRIFFIN  product family consists of four control units for controlling different devices: GRIFFIN CG170 for controlling electric heater, GRIFFIN COMBI CG170 for controlling Combi heater and combined heater and steamer, GRIFFIN INFRA CG170I for controlling infrared cabin and GRIFFIN COLOUR LIGHT CG170T for controlling colour light system.
HARVIA GRIFFIN  also offers a variety of easy-to-use optional features. There is also an option for an automatic switch-on after a power cut.

  • Cycle speed adjustment range 5-120 seconds
  • Brightness adjustment range 20-100%
  • One control panel can be used to control a number of power units
  • Max. load /power unit 2 x 50 Wcolour light device

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