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Rondium sauna

HARVIA steam sauna > RONDIUM
(steam sauna 100% made in Finland)

Harvia's RONDIUM sauna is the perfect choice for bathers who want to pamper themselves. A rounded double door and decorative external stainless steel soffit with LED LIGHTS completes this stylish sauna model. Decorative stainless steel elements in the outside walls create a modern look. Even the base frame is steel-covered. This gives a stylish, modern appearance and provides protection from moisture close to the floor. Heat-treated wood, aspen or alder is used for the exterior panelling. Aspen is used on the interior walls and ceiling. The tasteful EXCLUSIVE ELITE SAUNA INTERIORS, with detachable benches, is made of abachi and heat-treated aspen. The decorative stone wall gives this sauna a stylish contrast. The Harvia TOPCLASS COMBI is a versatile heater especially for those who enjoy a soft, humid sauna bath with an aromatic atmosphere. Harvia COLOUR LIGHT SYSTEM brings the magnificence of colours into your sauna.
The heater is controlled by a new digital GRIFFIN CG170C (combi) control unit, which allows you to control the temperature and humidity of your sauna. The Colour Light is controlled with GRIFFIN CG170T colour light control unit. Four versions available for RONDIUM line:  
Model     Plan     Dimensions
L x W x H (mm)
  Heater dotation        Power & voltage
S2015KL       angular right        1945 x 1505 x 2010 TOPCLASS COMBI KV60SE   6.0 Kw. - 230/400V
S2015KLL angular left 1945 x 1505 x 2010   TOPCLASS COMBI KV60SE   6.0 Kw. - 230/400V
S2020KL square 1945 x 1945 x 2010 TOPCLASS COMBI KV80SE   8.0 Kw. - 230/400V
S2222KL square 2195 x 2195 x 2010 TOPCLASS COMBI KV90SE   9.0 Kw. - 230/400V
Technical equipment common to all RONDIUM versions:
TOPCLASS COMBI KV60SE/KV80SE/KV90SE (in according to the sauna cubature).
A real steam generator is integrated with the traditional sauna stove; resistors placed between the stones.
Such system makes the sauna similar to a sort of steam room, in a pleasant humid room. 
20 Kg. sauna stones.
Steam boiler capacity: 5 L. manual filling.
Heater accessories: stove guard Exclusive Elite two "stone cups" for aroma diffusion. 
GRIFFIN mod. CG170C (combi)
Combi control unit, which allows you to control the temperature, humidity, and lighting of your sauna. 
Starting from four different colours, run GRIFFIN CG170T GRIFFIN CG170T the customer can set up the single colour or start the automatic programm sequence (it can light up to 16.000 colours), to modify speed and light’s intensity.

Further accessories:
  • EXCLUSIVE  ELITE interiors (abachi and red alder).
  • SPECIAL CURVED DOUBLE DOOR (all glass temperated 8 mm - clear).
  • Decorative STONE WALL (back to the heater).
  • PVC floor (beige).
  • HEAD REST mod. EXCLUSIVE (34 x 48).
  • N° 2 COURTESY LIGHTS (white light) in the corner.
  • 3 SPOTLIGHTS (led) to the external rail.
  • Thermo-/hygrometer mod. lux.
  • Sandglass mod. Lux.
  • 4L Copper bucket and relative ladle.

Download the pdf sauna plans
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