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Basic sauna Quadro

L 1200 x W 1200 x H 2000

  • With heater HARVIA mod. THE WALL SV45 (4.5 Kw. - 230/400V)

Sauna for private use
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cod. S1515B
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Basic sauna Quadro
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(sauna 100% made in Finland)

BASIC's latest range saunas "ENTRY" total production HARVIA (Muurame - FINLAND).
Thanks to a simple construction and essential facilities, it was possible to reduce the production costs, without reduce the quality of the materials, in the absolute certainty to have a product of the highest quality and original "made in Finland".
BASIC sauna has 
nothing to do with the various proposals of oriental import.
IMPORTANT: no wall - although hidden - it's buffered or coated chipboard, hardboard or similar !!!

Standard features & outfits for the BASIC sauna:

• Building walls and ceiling "sandwich" (80 mm) with double pannelling int./ext. (15 mm thick single table).
The whole structure is self-supporting with fixed rubber feet on the underside to avoid direct contact between wood and floor.
• Int./ext. walls in SPRUCE CARELIA.
• Insulation with mineral wool at high density (50 mm), to ensure maximum heat retention and interior aluminum foil (reflective).
• Aeration and ventilation in the natural cycle through two grills for input and output air.
• Equipped with professional heater Harvia mod. DELTA DEE or THE WALL "economic sauna, but noble-hearted".
8 Different sizes, immediately available.
All-glass door (8 mm) in bronze colour with magnetic closure.
• FORMULA interiors (benches in spruce or abachi in according to Harvia availability).
• The *interior accessories are: n° 2 benches, sauna lamp, thermometer 110 and the copper-metal bucket with ladle.

*WARNING: the BASIC series does not include backrests, pvc/wood floor and other finishing You could find only in the VARIANT saunas.
There is no pipes arrangement (inside the walls) for the passage of the alimentation/control cables.

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