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Harvia celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2010. The company founded by Tapani Harvia in 1950 has grown from a small artist's forge into one of the world's leading sauna heater manufacturers and a forerunner in the sauna business. Harvia has remained a Finnish family enterprise and the Harvia companies now employ 250 people.

Harvia provides solutions for a wide variety of saunas. Whether you are planning to build or remodel a sauna, Harvia's wide selection caters for all your needs from heaters and sauna benches to ready-made saunas. Harvia also offers products for infrared cabins and steam rooms.

Original sauna from finland

A passion for sauna

The founder of HARVIA Ltd., Tapani Harvia (1920-1998), was a purposeful man and passionate about his sauna. In the army he was always the one who dictated the pace of throwing water on the sauna stones. At the request of those who became impatient with Tapani Harvia's style of sauna bathing, he was actually granted his own private sauna shift. Harvia's youth left him with a particularly strong memory of the deliciously soft sauna bath given off by a continuously heated stove forged by a village blacksmith. Over the years this memory was refined into a business idea, and finally into a successful product.

As a result of Tapani Harvia's hard work, professional skill and innovative style, HARVIA sauna heaters were the start of a huge success story. Today, HARVIA Ltd. is the world's leading manufacturer of sauna heaters and the market leader in the Finnish sauna heater sector. In addition to heaters, HARVIA produces saunas as well as sauna accessories and products.

Eco friendly sauna


Harvia products are designed and manufactured with the environment in mind. Sustainable saunas and products are not only good for the environment, they are also good for people.

The Harvia Cares symbol demonstrates that Harvia is committed to sustainable development.

Environmental aspects have been an important focus area at Harvia for a number of years. They are considered in all processes, from design to production, logistics, use and recycling.

We have an environmental policy, which is based on the ISO 14001 standard, and all our operations are managed and developed in accordance with this policy. The environmental policy ensures that Harvia actively investigates and reduces the ecological impact of its processes, products and services.

As a sign of our commitment to environmental issues, we have launched the Harvia Cares symbol.

The Harvia Cares symbol is used on our website and brochures to communicate how we address the environmental issues in our operations.

AAA for best rating

Harvia is a solid family company operating in Muurame, central Finland. It is rated in the top AAA category in Dun & Bradstreet Finland's credit classification. 

Widely considered the creator of the modern Finnish sauna, Harvia has manufactured sauna heaters for 60 years. Rooting back through several generations without interruption, Harvia clearly has the longest tradition in sauna heater manufacture in Finland. Today, Harvia is one of the leading sauna heater manufacturers in the world with exports to over 65 countries.

From the very beginning, Harvia has given due respect to age-old Finnish sauna traditions in its operations. While cherishing these traditions, Harvia has also invested in the future: research, product development and know-how.