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Welcome to Customer Service.

For information on Finnish saunas for sale you may consult the sections Guarantees, Buying Guide, Safety.
For any requirement on Finnish saunas, accessories for sauna, heaters and control units, steam bath technologies and if you want to express your opinion, your advice on products or service or any complaints, please contact our Customer Service, at your service with competence and professionally.

is an exclusive brand owned by SYNTHESIS di Aiselli A. & C. s.a.s.

Sales office, showroom and offices:
Strada Macina Vecchia n° 4
46042 - CASTEL GOFFREDO (Mantova - ITALY)

Head office and warehouse:
Via Ticino n° 4
46042 - CASTEL GOFFREDO (Mantova - ITALY)

Phone: +39 0376 77.07.67 (office hours 8.00/12.00 a.m. - 2.00/6.00 p.m.) 
Mobile phone for emergencies: +39 338 43.68.810 (Agostino AISELLI)
Whatsapp: +39 338 43.68.810
Fax: +39 0376 78.80.95

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