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Infrared radiators and controls

Carbon I.R.

380W (dimensions: L. 400 x D. 4 x H. 1000 mm)

Carbon I.R.
I.R. Carbon panel

cod. WX455
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Carbon I.R.

HARVIA infrared radiator > CARBON
(Finnish technology, quality and production)

The Carbon infrared radiator is a thin carbon fiber heating element that heats quickly as the current passes through it.
It can be installed for instance over panelling, as it is only 4 mm thick. All models are easy to install.
The Harvia infrared radiators are of tested Harvia quality, very reliable, durable, and long-lasting.
An infrared cabin is ready for use almost immediately. Just switch it on from the digital Griffin Infra control panel, and you can enjoy the pleasant warmth within a few moments. Harvia designs infrared cabin for chosen space and according to given measurements. Ask for an offer for a customised infrared cabin.

Technical data infrared radiator mod. CARBON:

Output: 380W - 230V 1 N
Dimensions (expressed in mm): W. 400 x D. 4 x H. 1000 mm
Wavelength range:       approximately 4000-17000 nm
Material: carbon fiber
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