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Steam bath accessories

Eucalyptus steam fragrance

concentrate in 5 liter canister (diluition ratio: 1/l. fragrance > 20/l. water)

Aroma eucalyptus
Concentrate eucalyptus

cod. SAC25080
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Eucalyptus steam fragrance
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Steam bath equipments > HGSM accessories > Eucalyptus steam fragrance 5 and 20 L.
(concentrate 1:20 eucalyptus flavour for steam and turkish baths)

The luxurious HARVIA Eucalyptus fragrance for steam room makes the pampering steam room experience even better than before.
The fragrance pump mixes the fragrance for steam room liquid with the steam from the steam generator.
The HARVIA Eucalyptus fragrance  for steam room is a homogenous liquid, and it mixes perfectly with water.
The fragrance for steam room is available in 5 and 20 liter canisters.
One canister of 5 liters gives over 100 liters of mixed liquid for use.
Dilution ratio: 1 part fragrance for steam room and 20 parts water.

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