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Outdoor saunas

Keitele sauna

L 3800 x W 3000 (1000 veranda) x H 2760 
Woodburning stove: Harvia mod. 20 PRO
Harvia steel chimney + protective sheath and bedding for stove

Exterior sauna
Sauna for the garden

cod. SO4000W
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Keitele sauna
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(the sauna of real spirit of Finland)

HARVIA SAUNA - genuine Finnish sauna enjoyment. The feeling of the open air on your skin. A combination you have to experience! For centuries in Finland, the sauna was a separate building with its own unique features. Now you can experience the same atmosphere with Harvia OUTDOOR sauna models: KUIKKA, KEITELE and SAIMAA.

Whether you choose a traditional WOODBURNIG SAUNA STOVE or an easier ELECTRIC SAUNA HEATER, you will find the same distinguished Harvia sauna spirit in your OUTODOOR sauna.

The Harvia OUTDOOR sauna package delivery is much more than just the sauna building itself! The delivery package includes all the necessary wood, roof and fastening materials and, according to your choice, a woodburning sauna stove with steel chimney or an electric sauna heater. The Harvia SAIMAA is a unique product in the OUTDOOR sauna product range. Its large veranda is ideal for accommodating a jacuzzi. Whether next to your swimming pool, in your green garden or in the middle of a humming forest, a Harvia OUTDOOR sauna offers you authentic, peaceful moments of enjoyment.

KEITELE standard outfits:

Dimensions (mm):        L 3800 x W 2000 + 1000 (terrace) x H 2760
Weight:   1500 Kg.
Sauna room capacity: 6 (six) peoples
Structure - logs: Spruce 135 x 45 mm
Woodburning stove
with steel chimney:
Harvia mod. 20 PRO along-with 40 kg. sauna stones
Protective sheath and protective bedding for stove
1000 mm unisolated smoke tube - stainless steel (Ø 115)
1500 mm special smoke tube - stainless steel double diameter  (Ø115 int. - Ø220 ext.)
Lead-through flange
Lead-through insulation
Rubber rain flange
Mounting set for rain flange
Rain cap
Electric heater: Harvia mod. SENATOR T9 - STEEL (9.0 Kw. - 230/400V) 
40 Kg. sauna stones 
Pnel control Harvia mod. C150
Accessories: Thermometer mod. 110 
Copper-metal bucket and ladle

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