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Lights and sauna atmospheres

Set led strip - 2,5 m/l

led light strips (2,5 m.) + transformer

Strip led for sauna
Sauna strip led under benches 
Complete sauna strip led - 2,5 m/l 

cod. WX440
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Set led strip - 2,5 m/l

Sauna equipments > accessories for finnish sauna > Led light strips
(finnish sauna accessories - professional led light for sauna)

Special led light strips HARVIA for professional use in sauna.
For exclusive saunas a stiliish led system ideal to put in evidence the seats profile.
The kit include led light strips with transformer.

Available in 2 sizes:
WX440 = 2,5 metres set with transformer
WX441 = 5 metres set with transformer

Delivered in a box along-with set-up instructions.
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