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Woodburning accessories

Heater protective kit

Protective bedding in black colour with adjustable legs

Sauna's walls protection
Kit for woodburning stoves

cod. WL100
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Heater protective kit
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Woodburning stove accessories > PROTECTIVE SHEATH & BEDDING
(100% Harvia genuine spare-parts)

Protective sheath and bedding ensures safety.
HARVIA has designed a durable and safe protective sheath for the fireplace, which reduces the safety distance significantly. The protective sheath efficiently prevents the effects of direct heat on combustible materials.
The sheath is made of aluminium-zinc-coated steel sheet. Its temperature does not rise above 80 ºC during normal use, so it can be mounted horizontally as little as 50 mm from combustible wall materials. The settling of log wall is not a problem when using a protective sheath. The protective bedding is used, when, for example, the fireplace is installed on a tile floor with water barrier treatment. If the fireplace is installed on a wooden floor with the protective bedding, a protective sheath must be used as well. See more on the instructions for installation and use of the product. The HARVIA protective sheath is approved for the following HARVIA products:
  • Sauna stoves: M1, M3, 20 Pro series, Premium, GreenFlame
  • Iron stove: Harvia 10

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