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Precut bio-sauna

Sabbioneta - Mantova - Italy

Set-up of a medium-sized bio-sauna  (traditional Finnish sauna with the addition of steamer unit) inside a small home-spa in set the historic centre of Sabbioneta (Mantova - Italy).
The Client intended to choose the bio-sauna in order to have the additional option of the steam production. The bio-sauna is able to realize a hot-humid environment (temperature and humidity) such as to achieve the same local a surrogate turkish bath which is widely defined in many different ways:
  • Wet sauna
  • Tropical sauna
  • Mediterranean bathroom
  • Tepidarium
  • Roman baths/Calidarium
  • and so on.
Obviously the fact that you have a bio-sauna heater, does not prevent the user the ability to make a treatment of traditional dry sauna. It is enough to reduce the percentage of moisture (steam) enter the environment and set the temperature to the desired value (from 40/50 °C. to a maximum 105 °C.).
Adjacent to indoor pool and fitness area, the bio-sauna in question has a capacity of 4/5 people. The internal sauna lay-out foresees a double level of bench in line to meet the "L" form of the sauna.The interiors (benches and backrests) are the Genuine (with linear table long-running) in red Alder.In the sauna You can find a window/blade in the sauna corner.The lighting inside the sauna which takes place from below the benches.   The coating of the outer walls and the ceiling (after providing for appropriate insulation with glass wool ecological high-density, 4 cm thick, aluminium paper and laying thermo-reflecting) is in red Alder (board 15 x 70 with horizontal construction).The front door STG 8X19 (790 x 1890) is bronzed tempered glass 8 mm thick, with magnetic lock and break security shredding,The internal dimensions of the sauna are: L. 3000/1510 x W. 1750/1050 x H. 2100
The bio-heater is made by Harvia mod. Topclass Combi KV60SE (6.0 Kw. - 230/400V manual filling) equipped with digital control Harvia mod. Griffin CG170C (combi).