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Precut sauna with Legend stove

Villa Minozzo - Reggio Emilia - Italy

Set-up of a precut sauna with Harvia Legend 240 woodburning stove, located in an underground area of a private home - recently renovated - in Villa Minozzo (Reggio Emilia - Italy).

The sauna has a capacity of 5/6 seats. The lay-out includes a double level of benches "L shape" and interiors type Exclusive in two-color with seats in clear Abachi and finishing in red Alder.
The sauna has trapezoid shape, interesting part of under-stair (stove and little bench placed here), has an inner window of 60 x 80 and - characteristic of this sauna - was kept a wall (wall master the house perimeter) in rough stone.
The coating of the remaining perimeter walls and ceiling (after providing for appropriate insulation with glass wool ecological high-density, 4 cm thick, aluminium paper and laying thermo-reflecting) is North Pine Knot-free (board 15 x 95 with vertical construction). The front door STG 7X19 (690 x 1890) is bronzed tempered glass 8 mm thick, with magnetic lock and break security shredding,
The internal dimensions of the sauna are: L. 2960/2125 x W. 2360/1605 x ​​H. 2200/1900/1560 sloping roof with involvement of a sauna's part under the stairs.

The woodburning stove is the Harvia Legend mod. 240 (with 240 kg of stones).