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Precut sauna with woodburning stove

Bozzolo - Mantova - Italy

Set-up of a small sauna with woodburning stove in a private home in Bozzolo (Mantova - Italy).

This small sauna can achieve a maximum of 2/3 people.
The inside lay-out foresee a "L" upper bench, while for the upper bench the only solution - for space reasons - was be to have a removable stool bench. The sauna interior are type Solar in two-color (seats in clear Abachi and uprights in red Alder).
In the corner there is a rounded corner lamp with protection type Exclusive.
The coating of the outer walls and the ceiling (after providing for appropriate insulation with glass wool ecological high-density, 4 cm thick, aluminium paper and laying thermo-reflecting) is Spruce Carelia (board 15 x 95 with horizontal construction).
The front door STG 8X19 (790 x 1890) is bronzed tempered glass 8 mm thick, with magnetic lock and break security shredding,
The internal dimensions of the sauna are: L. 1850 x W. 1280/1150 x H. 2300/1900 with sloping roof.

The woodburning stove which equips the sauna is the Harvia mod. M3. Smoke outlet on the rear of the stove.
The stove Harvia M3 is located on the left side of the sauna, inside a small containing wall (in face-to-view) for protection - and respect - of the safety distances for all woodburning stoves.
More information about the woodburning stove Harvia mod. M3