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Insulation sauna panel

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Insulation sauna panel

(one of the most important aspect to consider in the sauna building)

The purpose of a sauna heater is to bring the temperature - in a closed room - at high temperatures/values (up to a maximum of 90/105 ° C). To make this happen, the sauna room must be adequately insulated. The higher the degree of insulation, the sooner you can expect at the desired temperatures and - at the same time - will improve the maintenance of the temperature inside the sauna, limiting the heater work, which saves energy. 

The insulation in a sauna affects only the walls and the ceiling. The materials used can be various: ROCK WOOL, GLASS WOOL, WOOD FIBER, etc.. These materials are easily available on the market (widely used in the construction field) and may occur in two forms: rolls or panels. 
Are strictly prohibited for insulation materials such as chemical derivatives of polystyrene and other similar. These warms, they can release harmful substances users sauna. The sauna room is all natural (raw untreated wood with stains and no glue and/or solvents) and is absolutely banned in chemistry! Harvia (Muurame - FINLAND), to insulate their saunas using standard panels of high density rock wool (50 mm). 
If you wish to build a sauna "DIY", the insulation must be evaluated in according to whether a sauna built lining the brick walls of an existing space or whether it is achieving sauna from scratch in self-supporting panels "sandwich" . 

With regard into trading of such materials would like to clarify that there is high costs fotr the transport, since all these materials are light but very bulky. If you are unable to find the insulating material at a warehouse building, please contact Customer Service FINLAND PHILOSOPHY, which you will be able to steer properly.
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