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Sauna music

Speaker DL8ES Steel

2 waterproof loudspeakers (30W)

Loudspeakers for sauna
Music in sauna

cod. SACK08008
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Speaker DL8ES Steel

HARVIA sauna accessories > STEEL LOUDSPEAKER
(accessories of quality guarantee by Harvia - FINLAND)

SAUNA LOUDSPEAKERS emphasise the sauna experience; pleasant music relaxes the mind. Connect the loudspeakers to your music system to listen to music in your sauna room at the desired volume. Harvia SAUNA LOUDSPEAKERS are completely waterproof and well-suited for humid rooms. Made in steel, power 30 W, impedance 8 ohm and diameter 10.5 mm.

Before installation notice following:
• Maximum installation height for loudspeakers in sauna is one (1) metre.
• Safety distance to heater is the same as it is for combustible material. This distance is mentioned in the instructions of the heater.
• Recommended location for loudspeakers is under the benches.
• Loudspeakers are designed for flush mounting. Flush mounting depth is 50 mm.
• It is also possible to incase the loudspeaker with some material suitable for sauna conditions.
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