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Special big bio-sauna mod. Variant

Faenza - Ravenna - Italy

Set-up of a big customized bio-sauna placed inside a luxury private home-spa in Faenza (Ravenna - Italy).

This big bio-sauna is able to achieve a maximum of 7/8 peoples. The inside lay-out foresee a double level of benches (L shape with quote 45 cm. down - 90 cm. up). The sauna is made on Variant, but with exclusive fittings and the finest materials.
The interiors are of the type Futura (all in red alder), as well as the internal and external covering. In the two opposite corners of the entrance to the sauna - fully integrated with the back - there are two elegant lamps type Futura.
The front door is very large - by the will of the Customer to maximize the light effect - STG 9X21 (890 x 2090). In clear tempered glass 8 mm thick, with magnetic lock and break security shredding,
The external dimensions of the sauna are: L. 3020 x W. 1940 x H. 2200

The heater which equips the sauna is the Harvia mod. Club Combi K11GS (11.0 Kw. - 400V automatic filling) controlled by the control unit Harvia mod. Griffin CG170C (combi)