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Special bio- sauna Variant set-up in a niche in a private home

Legnaro - Padova - Italy

Set-up special Variant bio-sauna (tailor-made) in a private home in Legnaro (Padova - Italy).

As the customer would place the sauna in an existing niche (with opening only on the front side) in the underground floor (L. 1900 x W. 1200 x H. 2250), we have developped a special bio-sauna (heater + steam generator) of the type Variant. 

In order to guarrantee the set-up and the regular air recircle, the external dimensions developped are: 
L. 1800 x W. 1150 x H. 2000

The bio-sauna can achieve maximum 2/3 peoples and it is equipped by an heater Harvia mod. Topclass Combi KV50SE - Steel (5.0 Kw - 400V) controlled by external analogic control (digital view) Harvia mod. C105S Logix.

All the structure - inside/outside walls - is in red alder (exclusive wood), while the interiors are the standard Formula (abachi) athermic and water resistant. The all glass door is in green tone.