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Cauldrons and specials

Water heater pipe model

capacity 22 L. - stainless steel complete of tap and lid

Pipe model (accessory)
22 L. stainless-steel

cod. WP220ST-627
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Water heater pipe model

Cauldrons and specials > accessories for woodburning stove > WATER HEATER PIPE MODEL
(stainless-steel 22 L. water heater pipe model - 100% finnish spirit)

Water heaters for woodburning stoves. Pipe model.
The water tank of the pipe model WP220ST (22 l) is mounted directly onto the stove. The water heats up quickly because the pipe going through the tank functions as a wall of the water tank. Fits to all HARVIA woodburning stoves except HARVIA 50.

Technical data:
Model Built material Diameter of through
smoke outlet (mm)
Cauldron dimensions (mm)
and weight (empty - Kg.)
Water capacity
max. (litres)
WP220ST stainless steel 115 L. 355 x W. 190 x H. 410 - 5 Kg. 22 litres

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