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What is the correct temperature of a sauna?

The temperature of the sauna must be one in which the user sweats while seated on the sauna bench and feels comfortable.
There is no right or wrong sauna temperature as everyone has a different sensation of what suits him/her best, taking into account age and state of health. If the sauna temperature is high (80–100oC), the body will not sweat easily, even if you try to make the air humid by throwing water on the stones. With a low sauna temperature (50–60oC) it does not feel dry as you can use plenty of water to humidify the air. Bathers can bear to stay in the sauna and it feels comfortable and pleasant! With traditional basic heaters it takes a fairly long time to get the heater stones sufficiently hot and the sauna temperature can easily get too high. To keep the sauna at a suitably low enough temperature you must choose a heater such as the Harvia Forte (Ever-ready) electrical heater, which can regulate the sauna temperature as required by means of its air circulation valve.