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Bio sauna

The bio-sauna is the modern alternative to the traditional Finnish sauna and was designed to bring to the sauna, all those who suffer from high temperatures. The bio-sauna it is a sauna with humid atmosphere with a maximum temperature of about 50/60 ° C and a moisture in a range of 60/70%.
To achieve this particular environment (also called a tepidarium, calidarium, etc.) must be installed inside the sauna a BIO-HEATER, which is a traditional heater for sauna (with heating elements embedded in the rocks) to which it is built - in front - a steam generator (a water tank with an heating element inside).
 The difference between the Turkish bath (with a saturation humidity near/close to 100%) is the fact that in the bio-sauna coexist in equilibrium (50 ° C Humidity = 50% - 60% °C.) HEAT and DRY WET as to make the practice of the sauna very pleasant and comfortable. It “captures" the female users who generally poorly tolerate the high temperatures and all those who suffer from low blood pressure, varicose veins and fragile capillaries.
The contraindications are the same for the traditional sauna. And well then do not make the treatment if you are suffering from phlebitis, for example, gastritis, ulcers, esophagitis, ear infections, etc.. Also contraindicated in the presence of serious diseases of the heart and kidneys. The latter - in fact - may suffer further damage due to dehydration. The same is also not recommended in vasomotor headaches because the heat tends to dilate the blood vessels.
The sauna and bio sauna is therefore strictly not recommended to pregnant women, newborns and infants, with pace-makers, with severe venous disease or kidney disease, with severe neurological and mental disorders, injuries, or inflammation of the epidermis. In the presence of different diseases or in any case of doubt, you are advised to consult your doctor.
Obviously, a bio-sauna has a threefold significance. And bio sauna (a balance between temperature and moisture content), but can also be only sauna (maximum temperature 110 ° C) or high humidity environment (never, however, comparable to the turkish bath). By the control unit (Harvia mod. C105S or Harvia mod. GRIFFIN CG170) You can raise the temperature (80/90 ° C standards) and reduce the moisture content to have a traditional sauna. Working on the contrary you can instead get a very humid environment.
• The control units can controls:
• Sauna temperature (40 to 110 ° C)
• % Humidity (from 20% to 65%)
• Time of operations (1 - 12 hours)
• Pre- selection time (1 - 12 hours)
• Sauna light
• Sauna fan (for large saunas)
In the top of the heater (TOPCLASS COMBI and SENATOR COMBI) are placed two "STONE CUPS", to contain the essential oils, diluted in a sauna-it spread. Also on the stainless steel perforated screen can lay more solid aromatic substances such as twigs, pine, birch, thyme, etc.. Given the disruptive effect of steam on the wood, bio-sauna is usually made of precious woods (Red Alder or Nord Pine) with water resistance.
It 'still a good idea - day out - make a loop to dry heat (100 ° C for 30-40 minutes) to dry the entire structure and to eliminate any residual water.
Download Bio-Sauna's pdf