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Sauna procedure

The sauna is beneficial to cardio-vascular training, therefore it is good use to employ it correctly in order to take advantage of all its properties.

The procedures are very important and have to be respected, so that one can benefit from the treatments in the best possible way and without any risk for health.

First of all you must get your body used to the room average temperature and climate.

In order to do so it’s important to know how to use a sauna and to keep to the interval recommended.

For a successful sauna, two-three intervals are suggested, respectively of 5-10-15 minutes. The fitting temperature for the perspiration would reach 80°C.

For the first gap do not exceed 10 minutes; at first you may get annoyed by the hot and humid environment, therefore avoid throwing water on the stones.

Prevent dizziness by getting up slowly from the bench.

Once out of the sauna, have a shower with room-temperature water in order to reach the regular body warmth.

After that the rest time: wrap yourself in your bathrobe and lie down on the bed, from 10 to 15 minutes.

Finally go back in the sauna for the second interval – around 10 minutes – and follow the procedures already explained. After that your skin will be softer and suppler: a moisturizing body lotion will end your treatment.

You can have a snack with yogurt and fruits. A warm herb tea (have it before the sauna) facilitates sweating. At the end of the treatment alleviate thirst with fruit juice, tisanes and water and avoid alcoholic drink.

It is important to drink.
The sweating helps to expel liquids and mineral salts from the body: as consequence it is of prime importance to restore all lost liquids.

Drinks with sugar, stimulants and alcohol are not recommended either before and after the sauna treatment.

Among indicated drinks are spring water, raspberry, mallow, nettle and lime tisane, fruit or vegetable juice.

It is advised to drink after the sauna treatment.
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