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Sauna materials

All the components of Harvia Sauna have been realised by experts and with tested materials.

Most sauna components are prefabricated, what consents to inspect materials before the dispatch and to list all gears for an easier assembly.

The material is important in the construction of a sauna: a correct selection guarantees solidity, duration and comfort.

Duration is a significant aspect since the materials employed are continually subject to sudden change in temperature, to humidity and, obviously, to the use.

For this reason saunas Finland Philosophy are built with first-rate wood types:

• Spruce Carelia: recognizable for a high-gnarled trunk, it is native to northern Europe forests. A gnarled and resinous trunk is the negative feature of this material but on the other hand it is economical and gives off a pleasant fragrance.

• Red Alder: it is the top quality essence employed for the construction of a sauna. Red-coloured, this material is neither porous nor gnarled or resinous. Even though it is soft, this type of wood is lasting and becomes stronger oxidizing, with the passing of time.

• Nord Pine: typically yellow-coloured, this wood represents the best among all types of material. Neither gnarled nor resinous, it is long-lasting and gives off a discreet fragrance. Economically speaking, it can be placed between Spruce/Carelia and Red Alder.

• Abachi: the Abachi wood is the most common type within the African area. Features that make it suitable for a sauna are the tender structure, the easy carving and its endurance to sudden changes in temperature. It is water-repellent and does not consent the waste of temperature, therefore it is used in the construction of benches, backs, doorstep and other accessories.

The seasoning method used by Harvia is the traditional one, which lasts four years.
The process occurs in an open space (essences are not put inside furnaces) and the tables are moved/turned every season, so four times per year each one.

As a result, the resin is no more let out and the wood becomes more solid and lasting.