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The sauna ritual

It is very important to take a bath sauna only if in perfect psychological and physical conditions. The practice of the sauna is in fact in some cases discouraged. Because of the high temperature can be detrimental in the presence of inflammatory disorders of acute and chronic. And 'well then do not undergo heat treatment, for example, if you are suffering from phlebitis, gastritis, ulcers, esophagitis, otitis, etc.
Also contraindicated in the presence of serious diseases of the heart and kidneys. The latter - in fact - may suffer further damage due to dehydration. Equally recommended is then in vasomotor headaches because the heat tends to dilate blood vessels. The sauna is therefore strictly not recommended for: pregnant women, newborns and infants, with pace-maker, with severe venous disease or kidney disease, with severe neurological disorders or psychological injury or inflammation of the epidermis.
In the presence of various pathologies or in any case of doubt, it is advised to consult your doctor. Children above 6 years must use the sauna only if accompanied by a parent.

The sauna is in fact a GYMNASTICS VASCULAR and as such it is essential to train the body to increasing temperatures and rising timing. Here are the "Commandments" for the correct approach to the sauna, a list of the main procedures to fully enjoy the sauna benefits.

Undress completely of all that material that warming could lead to sunburn (watches, earrings, rings, necklaces and contact lenses). Wash with hot shower (remove body products or make-up) and dry thoroughly. If you wish - as usual practice of Finns - you can prepare the skin and open the pores of the skin using a whip - agitated on the body - made with dried birch twigs. Underwear are less appropriate in the sauna, because their composition (synthetic) - because the high temperatures - can determine phenomena of irritation and skin sensitization. For hygienic reasons is a good idea to enter in the sauna with one or more towels or cotton cloths which if necessary can be placed on the benches to protect the seat. In the sauna has a strict the SILENCE!

The need to train the body to increasing temperatures and times growing imposes a gradual approach to the sauna. The first step will last no more than 5 minutes (use the sandglass), seating in the lower benches where the temperature is more moderate (up to 10/15° C temperature range with the benches of the upper level). And is possible to increase the percentage of humidity inside the sauna and sweat pouring very slowly on the hot rocks a ladle of water with any essence you have chosen.
IMPORTANT: pour too much water on the stones is extremely harmful to the plant!

After the first sauna bath proceed with the cooling phase. As you move for a few moments in the relaxation room. Take a warm shower, cool off starting from the feet; dry yourself and give yourself a few minutes of relaxation.

Using the sandglass made a second visit to the sauna increasing permanence in 10 minutes and passing in the benches of the upper level (timing growing and increasing temperatures).

Repeat cooling increasing permanence in the relaxation area.

Also in the middle of the sandglass carried out the third and last step.
Lasting 15 minutes - benches top level.

After completion of the cooling operation and brought the body to normal values, desire to drink water, salt supplements or juices. Always avoid drinking coffee and alcohol. We suggest the practice of sauna just before bedtime in order to promote relaxation and sleep. The sauna is a great tool for athletes fatigue; the profuse sweating allows the dispersion of lactic acid and accumulated toxins during physical activity.