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Spirit of the sauna

Spirit of the sauna
The tradition of the sauna requires a real ritual that is used to be handed down from generation to generation.

Sauna identified as way of purification of body and soul; this is the reason why histrionic practices are brought back to it.

Warmth seen as body cleansing and steam as embodiment of soul.
The rule of absolute silence is central and the man/woman promiscuity is allowed only within familiar relations.

Public saunas broadcasting music and admitting women and men together are anything but traditional.
The ancient ritual also consists of a sort whip, made with birch twig, used on the body for toning up the porous skin and the tissues.

Moreover, the Finnish use to bring the so called “SAUNA SPIRIT” in every sauna.
It is nothing else than a human-face-shaped stone, hollows of eyes and mouth filled with water and /or aromas, and placed on the heater among other stones.

Once has heated up, this stone, the “spirit”, lets out a dull sound, the spirit’s cry..