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What about the estimated cost of a sauna?

The price of a sauna is according to your own plan and the wood required.

Does a sauna require a regular servicing?

Beyond the ordinary cleaning, a sauna does not require any particular servicing.

What about the appropriate clothing for a sauna?

For a correct employment it is recommended not to wear clothes; for hygienic reasons, put your towels on the bench.


Heater stones should be of a material that is as heavy as possible, dark in colour, and large in size for them to be able to store as much heat energy as possible.

What factors should be taken into consideration when choosing the power of a heater for a sauna room?

The walls and ceiling of the sauna room should have good heat insulation, especially if the room is to be heated by means of an electric heater.

How often should the heater stones be changed in a family sauna?

How often they are changed by and large depends on how much the heater is used.

What is meant by safe distances from heaters?

Safe distances are minimum distances from combustible materials that must be observed to prevent the danger of fire.

Can an electric heater give you an electric shock?

Electric heaters are safe to use when installed correctly.

Can I use my electric heater if one/some of its resistors are broken?

A broken resistor should be changed immediately.

Can anyone connect a heater to the mains, and who has authorisation to change a broken resistor?

All electrical appliances that are fitted with protective housing that is attached by screws to prevent dangerous live components from coming into contact with one another, must be installed and serviced, in compliance with the regulations in place, by a professional, authorised electrical engineer or any such other knowledgeable person.

What is the correct temperature of a sauna?

The temperature of the sauna must be one in which the user sweats while seated on the sauna bench and feels comfortable.

Can the materials in sauna heaters cause unpleasant odours?

The first heating of the sauna heater removes residual protective and processing substances from different manufacturing phases.

Is power consumption higher for the infrared cabin?

The low power consumption of infrared sauna is the main reason that determined its expansion on the market nowadays.

Is it better an infrared or the classical Finnish sauna?

First of all, it is an error to talk about “infrared sauna”, being the correct diction “infrared cabins”.
Finnish saunas and infrared cabins are different.

Does the sauna help to loose weight?

Contrary to what is usually said, the sauna does not contributes to loosing weight!

Is the sauna recommended also to children?

Children –as regularly happens in northern cultures- can experience a sauna even from their first years of life (4/5 years).

Is warmth humid or dry?

Inside a sauna is a dry climate of temperature between 75 C° and 90 C°.

Whom is the sauna recommended to?

The sauna is advisable for anyone.

Why choosing a Finnish sauna?

It is the most genuine medical-esthetical treatment and has lots of benefits.

What kind of material is used?

A traditional Finnish sauna is wholly of wood.

What does the installation require?

For installing a sauna you only need electricity supply and a surface on which to position the equipment.

How to keep a sauna clean?

For cleaning the sauna you only have need of water and soap.

Where to install a sauna in a private home?

It is possible to put the sauna in every room: attic, basement, bathroom.

Why building a wooden sauna?

Wood is synonym of “natural element”, as an insulator it grants the highest thermal isolation.
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