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What about the estimated cost of a sauna?

The price of a sauna is according to your own plan and the wood required.

Does a sauna require a regular servicing?

Beyond the ordinary cleaning, a sauna does not require any particular servicing.

What about the appropriate clothing for a sauna?

For a correct employment it is recommended not to wear clothes; for hygienic reasons, put your towels on the bench.


Heater stones should be of a material that is as heavy as possible, dark in colour, and large in size for them to be able to store as much heat energy as possible.

What factors should be taken into consideration when choosing the power of a heater for a sauna room?

The walls and ceiling of the sauna room should have good heat insulation, especially if the room is to be heated by means of an electric heater.

How often should the heater stones be changed in a family sauna?

How often they are changed by and large depends on how much the heater is used.

What is meant by safe distances from heaters?

Safe distances are minimum distances from combustible materials that must be observed to prevent the danger of fire.

Can an electric heater give you an electric shock?

Electric heaters are safe to use when installed correctly.
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